ART LAND - Solo Exhibition





楽しさのその先に、僕はいま向かっているのだと思う。このART LANDは、その未来を、可能性を知るための展覧会だ。そしてこのART LANDを通して、いっしょにアートの旅をしてくれる仲間が少しでも増えてくれたらうれしいし、僕はもっと自由になれる気がする。


Art keeps me entertained.
Innocently and sometimes in unexpected ways

My attitude towards painting hasn't changed since when I was a kid. The kid who used to scribble on the faces of historical figures in my textbooks and jotting down friends' and teacher's faces on the corner of my notes. I now draw on canvases instead of textbooks and notebooks, but the joy of drawing remains the same. When I'm drawing, my mind takes off freely beyond time and space. My right hand is just following the movement of my mind and the painting brush in my hand leaves the trail on the canvas. An indescribable happiness fills my heart when I finish drawing this way.

Friends all over the world have come to bring me various ideas, challenges and opportunities. Massive walls, sneakers, cars, clothes, cookie tins, bear-shaped figurines... I was challenged to paint on various things. Big, small, curved, spherical. It always seemed difficult at first, but when I tried, my heart and hands moved as if I were facing a canvas. If these works can be called art, then I think art is something beyond amazing. It has more possibilities than I can dream and the fun is simply immeasurable.

I'm starting to see something beyond the fun. This ART LAND is an exhibition to see the future and its possibilities. It'd make me happy and feel more liberated if you could join me on my journey of art through this ART LAND.

Dates: January 12 (Thu) - 24 (Tue), 2023, 11:00-20:00
Venue: Spiral Garden (5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)