SHUN SUDO 作品集「2020」販売開始のお知らせ

Sales outlet:
Ginza Tsutaya, GINZA SIX 6F,6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
tel: 03-3575-7755

We are pleased to announce that Shun Sudo’s Work collection “2020” can be found at Ginza Tsutaya and online at Bijutsu Techo, an online Magazine specialized in Contemporary Art. All the works presented on the exhibition will be compiled into this Artbook with shun sudo’s personal comments and take on it.

Shun Sudo’s solo exhibition “2020” was held during the pandemic on December 2020.
It is often in times of uncertainty that we understand the power and the importance of Art and beauty in our life.
This time we got to experience firsthand that Art can feel like a ray of light, igniting people’s hearts with hope and keeping them positive about the future.

The year 2020 will forever be the chapter in history where the world started to question itself about the meaning of life.
In a time where traveling, enjoying music and festivals or even meeting people is not possible, Art is deemed unnecessary and many museums unfortunately had to see their doors closed and artists, their exhibitions cancelled.

SHUN SUDO wanted to take all of these feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, anger, frustration, disappointment and hope, and translate them into Art.

Like a small boat drifting away in the ocean, SHUN SUDO faced his raw emotions and tried to put them on his canvas as they came to him. Sometimes gently, sometimes passionately, but also cynically and sometimes violently.

Without the events of 2020, these artworks would never have seen the day, and this is also among the purpose and beauty of Art, which is documenting the happenings of life as they come and as they are perceived in the moment.

“Art can never be unnecessary"
This is the message that can be felt in SHUN SUDO’s “2020” Artworks.

銀座蔦屋書店、美術手帖オンラインストアにて SHUN SUDO 作品集「2020」を販売開始

2020年12月、コロナウィルスの蔓延により世界中が不安を抱えていた状況の中で開催した SHUN SUDO個展「2020」。
この度、個展「2020」で発表した作品群を一冊にまとめ、銀座 蔦屋書店及び美術手帖オンラインストアにて販売いたします。

Review of 2020

SHUN SUDOは、そんな1年をアートとしてのこそうと思った。絶望、無力感、怒り、いらだち、希望、そして失望。
「アートは決して不要不急ではない」。そんなSHUN SUDOの叫びが聞こえてくるような作品群だ。

販売店舗:銀座 蔦屋書店
    東京都中央区銀座6丁目10-1 GINZA SIX 6F

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